Saturday, April 21, 2012


Today, 12 years ago, Rupert was diagnosed with cancer.   Now, you would never know it, unless he was walking around without a shirt and you saw his long scar and his 2nd belly button (where his illiostomy was located).  Wow, we are so, so thankful to have had a second shot at life.

Rupert's colonoscopy last week came back clear.  We are just delighted!!! Thank you for your prayers.

This picture of Rupert was taken  last summer when he went to Kenya on an investigative trip.  Rupert works with both Campus Outreach and The Summit Church to mobilize students who desire to go overseas to share the gospel.  Our hope is to see a team go to Kenya in the near future.  The children pictured with Rupert are living in a displacement camp for  refugees that came to Nairobi.  

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Ali said...

Praise the Lord! You guys are so special to so many...thanks for sharing your journey!